Everlost US is an alternative rock project by Jared Kay. Live and Let Go is Kay’s second release, the first an EP that debuted September 2014 received praise from Absolute Punk and AXS Magazine. Listening to this album its clear Kay is both a talented musician and song writer with a knack for communicating pain and experience though both sound and lyric.
The album starts off with a track named “Breathe”, a rhythmic instrumental that is just over a minute long and conveyed to me that there was going to be heartbreak, oh, so much heartbreak. “Live and Let Go” continues with a piano lead in and then big indie rock sound, this one is fun – not so much heartbreak yet… “Wait For You” is up tempo and dark, finally, the reflection and heartbreak has arrived!

If you enjoy good song writing and albums that play out like a rock opera you won’t be disappointed with Everlost US.

“I’m Doing My Best” is a cool tune with this big arc that sounds like rebuilding (and again, letting go) while “What You Wanted” is an emotional message about second chances, or at least hoping for them. Tying it all together (at least to my ear) is “Tell Them They’re Wrong” a song that really brings the music back to the piano, creating a sensitive ballad with a big finish. Finally, “These Terrible Hands” (great song name) are some of Kay’s strongest lyrics, almost a poetry reading set to music, keeping with the theme of “that girl” – reminding us yet once again that yes, this is an album about heartbreak.


Everlost US


Jared Kay – vocals, piano, guitar, bass and drums


Live and Let Go (2016)


  1. Breathe
    2. Live and Let Go
    3. Wait For You
    4. What You Wanted
    5. Tell Them They’re Wrong
    6. I’m Doing My Best
    7. These Terrible Hands


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