Lithuanian rockers, Linchette Marcel, have released new music, four songs that will provide the base for an upcoming LP scheduled for release later this year.

When listening to music I try to stay away from “sounds like…”; however, in this case, I must make an exception. Linchette Marcel sounds like Stone Temple Pilots from back before their initial break-up, this is a good thing. STP has always been a band that from album to album recreated themselves, there’s a basic sound that’s consistent, but a lot of experimenting that always made each release unique. Linchette Marcel’s music is like finding unique, unreleased Stone Temple Pilots music. Music that is meant to be enjoyed and cherished as good ole fashioned groovy rock and roll.

The first track, “Water Rider”, has a bluesy grooving guitar that makes you want to slither onto the dance floor as you nod (or sing along) to the catchy chorus.

Michael Levin’s melodic vocals float over the grungy sound, adding a layer of romance over dirty rock and roll guitars.

“King and Queen” showcase Levin’s vocal range while “Hurricane” is more upbeat rocker that makes you want to tap along. I picture Levin breaking out the megaphone when performing this one live. “Off all the gain” is a darker track; you can feel the pain through the music, a great hard rock yet melodic tune. Linchette Marcel debut is an enjoyable listen all around, looking forward to hearing more from this band.



Linchette Marcel


Michael Levin – vocals, guitar
Dr. Alex Nikolaev – drums


New LP planned for late 2016


  1. Water Rider
  2. King and Queen
  3. Hurricane
  4. Off all the gain