Two things interested me when I checked out TALIA, first, they were compared to the band Hole. I am a closet Hole fan, which I guess makes me a closet Courtney Love fan. What’s her deal, anyway? I have never been so attracted and disgusted by one individual in my whole life. Anyway, the second was that for this Parisian trio, their third album, titled Thugs They Look Like Angels, has a description that includes “urban misadventure” so count me in.

“American Bride” is the first song and right away you I am drawn into Nicolas Costa’s unique vocals and storytelling – a solid opening track. Clearly influenced by the nineties, the downtrodden and angst filled lyrics continue with “Play Dead.” My favorite track is “It’s Been Oh So Long” that has a really strong bass line and punk-pop feel to it (think Smashmouth, the first album back when they were good).

There is no filler or gimmicks on TALIA’s They Look Like Angels, in fact, the mix of straight up nineties rock and bass driven pop punk is a nice change of pace that’s simply, good!

The strong bass continues on “Johnny Bait” and “The Flood” with another poppy punk treat, “High Strung” sandwiched between the two. I’m a big fan of last tracks and TALIA doesn’t disappoint with “Bounty Killers”, a heavy track that definitely lives up to its promise of urban misadventure.




Alice Thomas – Bass and Backing Vocals

Nicolas Costa – Guitar and Lead Vocals

Herve Goardou – Drums


Thugs They Look Like Angels (2016)


1-American Bride
2-Play Dead
3-It’s been oh so long
4-Johnny Bait
5-Self Induced Fever
6-High Strung
7-The Flood
8-Over The Line
9-Dog Blood
10-Bounty Killers

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