The Departure, a band from Salt Lake City labeled as punk/crossover have released an EP titled Gateways. The band has already flirted with early success, securing opening spots for Cold War Kids as well as playing at several festivals. Five piece rock bands don’t scream punk to me; however, it didn’t take long to realize The Departure really can’t be put into one box or genre for that matter.

The EP starts with “For The Best” an upbeat pop-punk guitar ripping tune with vocals that actually made me say “WOW!” The Departure sound like Blink 182 during their heyday; to be honest, this song kicked my ass in the best way possible. “Incompetence” follows; a more progressive sound, borderline old-school “industrial” type sound. Again, bridge and chorus of this song is really well written and flawlessly executed. The album is more and more progressive as you go…”Gateways” mixes speed, using a piano/keyboard to lead the way while “Forget Everything” is not only a kick-ass title, but a fun jam that makes you want to jump up despite the bleak lyrics (perfect rock and roll).

The Departure have created lots of good rock on “Gateways”, but for my money, the lead song “For The Best”, is worth the full price of admission.

Honestly, it’s hard to categorize this group. There is lots of talent and they are young, a great recipe to make really meaningful rock and roll downs the line. I’m looking to hearing more from this band. The back-end of the EP doesn’t let up. “The Sea Part II” is a complex song with lots of speed changes and wide vocal range. The ballad, “Lonely Eyes” again showcases the range and solidifies my indecision on how to categorize this band, in a good way… Some bands are just rock and roll!


The Departure


Ryan DeBlanc: Vocals/Guitar

Max Hedding: Bass

Gavin Allein: Drums

Aidan McDonald: Guitar

Dylan Proesch: Keyboards/vocals


Gateways EP (2015)


  1. For The Best
  2. Incompetence
  3. Gateways
  4. Forget Everything
  5. The Sea, Pt. II
  6. Lonely Eyes
  7. Thoughts


Band Website:

Instagram: @thedeparturerok