Photography by Michael Abrams & Chris 


1. How would you describe yourself?

Down to earth, artist, driven and passionate.

 2. What trait do you like most about yourself?

My creativity

 3. What traits do you dislike most about yourself?

Still forever perfecting my public speaking abilities.


 4. What do you do to stay in shape?

Running, circuit training, kickboxing or anything of MMA nature. It helps toning a lot for photo-shoots. I also have been moving more towards clean eating in the last year.

5. What body part (s) do you find sexiest in a man?

Eyes, hair, chest, arms, legs, butt, and lips.

 6. What do you look for in a guy?

Sense of humor, open minded, free spirit with well-grounded morals.


 7. What turns you off in a guy?

A ego is great at times but not to me generally.

8. What type of music do you listen to?

Just about everything, I love exploring and learning music of other cultures.

 9. What got you into modeling?

I had started with a acting/modeling agent as a teenager but decided to put it off and went into the Air Force to pursue my education. In my last year of enlistment a photographer whom I worked with kept asking me to pose for him, which lead to me signing with a agency here in St. Louis and my first commercial modeling billboard across from the St. Louis Cardinals stadium.


 10. What’s your favorite car?

Chevrolet Chevelle

11. What’s your all-time favorite movie which you would watch again and again and never get tired of?


 12. What’s your favorite sport?

Torn between MMA and Baseball.


 13. Do you like gaming? If you do which is your favorite game on PC or Console?

Yes add me SSgtSalazar84 on Xbox.

14. Do you prefer a traditional romantic dinner date or do you like to hang out with the guy at a bar drinking beer, wings, shooting pool etc.?

Both are nice, but I’m young so I love to go out still and have a good time.

 15. What’s the craziest pick up line you have ever heard?

All of them!


 16. Most unusual place you had sex? Did you like it or regret it?

In a moving car, we didn’t crash so I lived to tell the tale

17. If there is a famous model who inspired you, who would that be?

Tyra Banks


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