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Buckcherry, one of the “new” rock bands, has been at it for over fifteen years now.  In 1999 the band released their self-titled album and then ‘Time Bomb’ in 2001.  IN 2006 they came back with ‘15’ which featured singles “Crazy Bitch” and “Sorry”, followed by the albums ‘Black Butterfly’ and ‘All Night Long.’  The latter two albums were not favorites with any critics and sales were down as well.  Their latest album, ‘Confessions’, is a concept album pulling from the seven deadly sins with depth provided by lead singer Josh Todd’s youth.
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Buckcherry was always “catchy”, but this album also captures the raw energy of their early recordings.  “Gluttony” may their best song ever.  This tune takes a great riff, smutty lyrics, and mixes with an instant classic hook.  One listen and you too will be screaming “I Want It, I Want It.” 
Other kick-ass rockers include “Lust” and “Wrath.  Past records, most Buckcherry songs were easily categorized as either “heavy” or a ballad.  With this album the band grooves a little more, resisting the urge to throw every riff into every song.  The results are positive with swinging (yet still gritty) songs such as “Water” and “Seven Deadly Sins.”
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If you have always been a fan you will like most of this album and if the past couple releases have turned you off it’s worth another try.  Download the single, “Gluttony”, for starters and begin to embrace the seven deadly sins!
Essential Tracks: “Gluttony”, “Wrath”, “Lust”, “Seven Deadly Sins”, “Water”, “The Truth”
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