Five Hundredth Year is a metal band on a mission (probably not from God). They have drawn comparisons to Five Finger Death Punch and already opened for big metal bands such as GWAR and Mushroomhead. They have been hitting to 2015 festival circuit (Chill on the Hill, Dirtfest and Carnival of Chaos), all of this despite being only a two year-old band. They have recently released a new EP titled A Rose From Ashes.


“Blame” is the first track and is really the perfect first track for the EP. This song has a lot of rage and energy, and then slows, giving you a chance to take a breath. Despite this balance don’t be fooled, this is in-your-face metal. Track two, “Awaken In Silence” has metal radio play written all over it. After one listen I couldn’t get the “Feeling six feet under…” lyrics out of my head. I think that is a good thing… “Stand Up” is more of a straight up rocker with amazing drumming and “Breaking Point” delivers up to its track name – heavy with a good pace.

What can take bands years…Five Hundredth Year has already figured out. They know the type of music they want to make and lucky for them, they are pretty damn good at it.

The unbelievable drumming continues of “Violent Descent” which has a little more death metal vibe and then “Reflection” keeps the album strong with killer vocals and great range. “Talking Body” is a cover, but it also boasts “explicit material” which makes this even better. The content is very sexual, but if you’ve made it this far in the album, I’m sure you will be pretty cool with it and won’t be disappointed with this epic closer.


  1. Blame
  2. Awaken In Silence
  3. Stand Up
  4. Breaking Point
  5. Violent Descent
  6. Reflection
  7. Talking Body

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