Behold! A grill that can liquefy bacon. Heating up to more than 700 °F, this infrared grill can do more than just cook your food, it can mutilate it. The same theory behind The World’s Strongest Man competition (come on, when will you ever need to toss multiple kegs? That can’t be good for the beer), this grill is unnecessarily powerful. Stemming from some deep-rooted, testosterone-y behavior, for centuries men have competed to show their skills over others. Like the main character from He-Man, the self-proclaimed “most powerful man in the universe,” men, with their overly hot grills, are stating, “I have the power.”


The problem here? Few women are interested in your abilities to liquefy bacon. Instead they’re worried about the extensive smoke burning from the grill and whether or not you’re going to burn yourself. (They’re betting on yes.) And keg tossing? Their main focuses are where the keg will land and how badly you’ll pull a muscle in the process. While you may impress your friends (along with yourself) with this he-man behavior, for most women, it’s making them turn and run the other direction.

But that’s not to say you have to give up your the-more-power-the-better ways altogether; there’s a right time and a right place for everything. In the same way your wife or girlfriend doesn’t discuss her Chris Pine attraction in front of you (and trust me, it’s a strong one), you shouldn’t try and flex your way into her affections. Women will continue to save their true heartthrob feelings for slumber party-esque gatherings (which is to say, no boys allowed), and men, save the bragging rights for your friends. Your actual bedroom life – not the one you describe in the locker room – will thank you.

Photo courtesy of Lowe’s.