It would be very nice to watch a James Bond film directed by Danny Boyle. He seems like a filmmaker that will do interesting things with the series. It was revealed by The Sun that perhaps a short film featuring James Bond would be the Oscar Winning director’s calling card for the extremely popular British film franchise.

It was reported that as part of the 2012 Summer Olympic Games, which will take place in London, would feature a short film starring Daniel Craig as James Bond. It would be a film that will start at the beginning of the opening Olympic ceremony.

The short film will be titled “The Arrival,” in which James Bond goes to Buckingham Palace to meet with Queen Elizabeth as he takes a mission to open the Olympic Games. It will follow a sequence that will end with James Bond in a helicopter, parachuting down to the Olympic Stadium below.

This is a good way to promote the 2012 Summer Olympic Games, the James Bond franchise with the new film coming this fall, “Skyfall,” and to start the rumors that Danny Boyle will one day direct a James Bond film. It seems like the British filmmaker has a very impressive resume and only needs a James Bond film under his belt to call his career complete.

Source: The Sun