Gorgeous Mancave Babe Jillian Sheen’s spiced up month of December! Here’s her bio in her own words:

I don’t flirt…I’m just friendly!
~you would probably never guess by all my clothes on the floor or how i used to keep my work. stations,..but i’m actually kind of aperfectionist.

I do know where everything is at in my gorgeous mess btw. It’s an OCD thing. I’m slightly narcissistic and bossy at times,sometimes even overly critical of people. especially of myself.Most Artists are this way! I hate most “pop” music. I love flamingos and mood rings. I could survive on hot cheetos. I collect fortune cookie papers. I have mostly guy friends. Certain words with an overly emphasized syllable make me cringe. I am afraid of flies,faceless mannequins, and creepy dolls. I always cry at the national anthem and also the Growing Pains theme song. I like to fall asleep to Grey’s Anatomy and the sound of the rain. I’m a WORKING Model, If you would like to shoot with me you can follow me on twitter @Jillian_Sheen. Love to all. Mmuuaah!

Her favorite quotes:

“To err is human, to forgive devine.”

“What lies behind us…and what lies before us,are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.”
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