Nintendo may be showing off a “panoramic” prototype program at E3 for their new Wii U game console, but if you have the Kogeto Dot you don’t need to wait. But you will need an iPhone 4.

Panoramic views are cool because they show everything at a given “point” and takes that point in all directions big time in a way that’s much more intense than just a fisheye lens doing a still. When you add in the 360-Degree view — that means of everything — it’s like being able to look in all directions at once. And if it’s a video,  you can look as much as you want.

Panoramic systems are tough to handle, which is why you’ll let the iPhone take care of it — once the DOT has been clipped onto the back so that the special lens assembly fits over the camera hole. Then you’re ready to go — providing you’ve downloaded the free “Looker” app already. Now you’ve got a 360-Degree panoramic high-def video camera working.

So lets say you’re at a concert or driving down the highway or well, pretty much anywhere that has enough interesting stuff happening to make it worth shooting a video of. Between “Looker” and the Dot, having to “stitch” the panoramic view like others need to won’t be happening — it’s all automatic. But you’ve calibrated the Dot to the lens first. Then you just shoot with the dot facing up ‘cause the focus is auto. If you’ve enough memory, and can get the Dot in position and don’t care if the iPhone gets smashed, think what you could do with a soccer game (or hockey, though that might be a stretch). Once done shooting (volume + doubles as a Start/Stop if you don’t want to tap the screen), you can watch the vid on the iPhone the same as anyone else watching on a HDTV or YouTube, etc. — or take advantage of the iPhone’s power to swipe around the scene the way you want to, seeing everything that’s there on your time. Same goes if watching on a PC, only instead of swiping you’ll be mousing.

The Dot adds no weight to the iPhone to speak of and the clip arrangement comes in varied colors: black is boring but there’s also red, pink and green to choose from. Carry it in the  included pouch when not needed.
Kogeto Dot 360-Degree Panoramic Video Accessory for iPhone 4/$79