The prize of this year’s NBA draft has been decided.  Anthony Davis of Kentucky will be a Charlotte Bobcat.  Davis is known for his exceptional freak-like athletic ability, his national championship, and of course, his unibrow.  To celebrate Davis’s facial hair we take a look at a select few of others that have decorated the NBA through hair, eyewear, and other cranium accessories.

Anthony Davis

The expected 2012 number one draft pick evokes fear in the eyes of his opponents with both his game and refusal to pluck.

Kurt Rambis

Before it was cool to dress like a nerd in the NBA, Rambis was sporting these beauties during games.

Jack Sikma

The perm.  Okay, so it’s not so much a perm as curly hair, but few wore it as well as Jack.  SEE ALSO: Larry Bird.

Julius Erving

The Dr. J. ABA afro is as legendary as his finger rolls.

Rip Hamilton

For children going to see their first Pistons games and seeing Hamilton, well let’s just say it supplied the inspiration for many nightmares.

Dennis Rodman

The ‘Demolition Man’ style dye job transformation was only part of the story.  Did we ever really get the whole story?  Let’s hope not.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

Did You Know?  Kareem was the only center in NBA history that could average 20 points a game and then immediately go swim 10 laps in the pool without getting chlorine in his eyes.

Wilt Chamberlin

Lots of Wilt stories that include numbers, 100 point game, 20 thousand women.  The constant?  1 headband.

Adam Morrison

Morrison, a high draft bust tried to single handedly bring back seventies porn.  That didn’t work well either.

Steve Nash

I just hope it was Steve’s idea to grow his hair out and not Mark Cuban’s suggestion.

David S. Grant is the author of “Blood: The New Red”, follow David on Twitter @david_s_grant

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