11:11. 11/11. 1111. This set of numbers speaks to so many of us, regardless of age, race, religion or background. Universal in its appeal, much in the way of music, math and love, 1111 speaks to us in such an eerie fashion we must take notice and delve deeper into this phenomenon.

Presented by Follow The Beats, the 1111 Festival takes this sychronicity we all feel and expands on it. It is a concious festival to celebrate our similarities, to transcend man-made boundries and revel in all that is human and remarkable, a New Holiday of Love and Togetherness; For and between each and every one of us!

Starting at 11:11 AM on 11/11 and continuing to 11:11 PM we are dedicating the day to connecting us all on a very basic and much needed level and To Do Good. Every year, wherever we go we will be choosing a local cause in the community.

This year, the issues are close to home, but much more than local ones.

Hurricane Matthew, the strongest hurricane to hit the Caribbean in a decade, has left a trail of destruction. Haiti, which has been pummled by 5 Hurricanes now in the last 8 years has a death toll climbing into the 1,000s, a half a million people left homeless, bridges out, basic supplies are unable to reach these beautiful people who desperately need our help. We will be raising funds for Global Empowerment Mission while sharing live pictures of the devestation that needs immediate attention and action. Haiti. Needs. Us. And now!

We will also be following our inner heartbeat – our PULSE, as we dedicate a discussion to the PULSE Orlando tragedy victims, to collectively grow from it and share love with one another. We are all brothers and sisters under one sun and moon. There have been many victims of this tragedy that need all the support they can receive, and we have chosen the children of the victims of this senseless tragedy. We have aligned our sights on Bridges of Light Foundation Victim Education Fund. It is to assist the children left behind and to instill hope in their hearts while raising money for their college.

Click here: https://www.gofundme.com/1111Festival
to go to the GoFundMe page. Please enter your email address and full name!

Please join us to share something personal and meaningful and to help us give back to our community. All who donate will be given entry to this private event.

It will also be required of every entrant to bring a personal memento to exchange with another guest during the festival. This item can be something handmade, a gift from another, or anything with deep personal significance. You will be exchaning it with another guest, selected at random, to share your experiences and feelings. This could be a complete stranger or an old friend, at the end it will be a friend regardless.

We will have meditation, yoga, arts, talks, crafts and last but not least some AMAZING BEATS! Below is a schedule of this magical day, we cannot wait to share the journey with you! All Ages Welcome! More details to be announced soon!

This schedule will likely shift slightly, but we will be packing all of this in. Live, love and be amongst friends ♥

11:11 AM – 12:34 – Past Life Regression

1:00 – 2:00 – Yoga with Chill Beats

2:30 – 3:30 – Floating Gong Meditation

5:00 – 5:30 – Life Size Checkers, Beats start turning UP!

5:00 – 5:30 – Preserving Pulse, Helping Haiti

5:30 – Follow the Beats on Canvas – “The Art of Dance.”

6:30 – Talk about 1111 and do personal gift exchange.

7:00 – Fire Dancers and Performers Arrive

8:00 – Flyboarder & Fire

9:00 – Skinny Dip (Re-Birth) & Splashparty!

10:00 – 11:11 – Very Special Guest DJ! We have a BIG NAME confirmed when we hit a certain fundraising mark.

We have selected our 2 charities and will be unveiling a GoFundMe later this week with all the details. We have the ability to do some really BIG things here friends! Let’s celebrate after all we’ve done to help others and spread positivity and love!