Anyone who has read my reviews know I like two things, first, it has to be rock, and second, there needs to be a tune, hook or something catchy. That comes in many forms of rock music. It can be a blues song by Elvis or a thrasher from Suicidal Tendencies. Chameleon Technology is more the latter. The EP, Black Canvas was created by Max Histrionic, a Californian one-man band that plays very aggressive, in-your-face rock.

The first two tracks, “No Safe Word” and “Serin’s Vending” are a straight up punch to the face, but in a good way, a Fight Club way.

Bringing me back to my D.R.I. days, Chameleon Technology can roll with the best hardcore bands.

Given the first two songs are just over a minute, “Lifestyle Science” clocking in at 1:55 is a change of pace, mixing up the tempo while showing off Histrionic’s vocal range from melodic to hardcore. His voice is great and on “Self Repair” is on full showcase, picking up the pace near the end for a climatic ending. “Black Canvas” is just flat out catchy and after one listen had to listen again, a true raging tune with an entertaining video to compliment.

Chameleon Technology has a solid EP with Black Canvas and anyone who enjoys punk, hardcore or speed metal won’t be disappointed.

Chameleon Technology


Max Histrionic


Black Canvas EP (2016)


  1. No Safe Word
  2. Serin’s Vending
  3. Lifestyle Science
  4. Self Repair
  5. Blank Canvas