To say this is a passion project of Jeremy Cavan does not do his work justice. Down on his luck (divorce, finances) Cavan decided to double down and write music, the result being the self-titled new album by his band, The Long Dark Road. Inspired by various death metal bands, Cavan got innovated and expanded on this classic sound, adding a level of melody to the sometimes harsh undertones you find in the genre of death metal. What he ended up with is an ambitious, unique sound that forces you to listen, unable to wait to see what happens next.

The album kicks off with “The Tragedy of the Commons” and it doesn’t take long to hear the mix Craven has blended into his music. What’s interesting to me was how much I enjoyed the change of pace throughout this opening track. The lyrics are submerged and ‘harsh’ and then balanced with a melodic chorus – mission accomplished!

Listening to The Long Dark Road’s debut album is and experience, part agony due the autobiographical content, part death metal opera.

“I Will Follow” follows with the change of pace, slowing down to a quiet pace at times before punching you in the face. “State of the Union” was my favorite track, mixing scratchy guitars with vocal melodies. Finally, “The Long Dark Road” brings everything the band does and does it well. The content is dark, but again, The Long Dark Road has found a way to supplement the pain with harmony and melody, both for me made this a special listen and more meaningful.




Jeremy Cavan – Guitars/Vocals

Rufus Cavan – Bass

Toby Cavan – Drums

Vanin Feral – Guitar


Self-titled (release date April 8th, 2017)


  1. The Tragedy of the Commons
  2. I Will Follow
  3. The State of the Union
  4. The Long Dark Road