This February Marty McKay takes on Gotham with his new album titled New York City Dreams, a journey through the city that runs the gamut from discovery to meeting a girl to everything shattering right in front of him. His first album, Sin’s Disciple had similar dark scenes, but let’s face it, if you’re going to take a journey to hell, might as well do in the greatest city in the world, New York City.

The album kicks off with the modern rock buzz of “Escape”, a kicking song with a fast beat signaling his departure for New York. “Empire Town” follows, announcing his arrival. It doesn’t take long for McKay to get introspective in the big city with “Out Of The Blue” and then just like that a ballad, “When The Lights Go Out”, a rock love song about a one-night stand, followed by the uplifting “Into The Fire.” Could this be love?

Meant to be listened as an album, Marty McKay has created a New York City rock opera rollercoaster that covers excitement, love, loss and rage! All the best of New York City!

No, this is not a love story, quite the opposite as we learn in “Love Suicide”, a great title that details McKay being bitten by the Big Apple. “Another Life” is a scaled back groovy and gritty number that is one of my favorites. “Outta Sight Outta Mind” really brings it full circle as apparently McKay has gone completely mad. Why does this always have to happen in my town?

Marty McKay is a talented musician and songwriter and an even better storyteller. During an age when most artists are looking to turn over one song McKay has went and created a full album of connected songs to be enjoyed by music fans and adventurers alike.


Marty McKay


New York City Dreams (February 2017)