Delta Deep is Phil Collen’s side project that includes Rob DeLeo of Stone Temple Pilots. The mission statement is simple: create blues music that people will appreciate. This isn’t your average super group mailing it in based on name alone. The music is better than solid and the blues are deep, Delta Deep. Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

It doesn’t take long to get the flavor of the album, kicking off with “Bang The Lid”, a more rocking tune you’d expect from these musicians. The surprise is what follows; starting with “Whiskey”, the blues groove, lyrics and swagger is strong. Mix in Debbie Blackwell’s vocals and you’ve got some serious music brewing here.

Delta Deep may have started as a side project, but this group needs to keep singing the blues.

The album continues with strong guitars on “Down In the Delta” and a pop-infused “Treat Me Like A Lady.” For rock fans there are a few of those here as well such as the first track and “Feel It”, but the best is when this group gets down to the blues with “Mistreated” and “Black Coffee.” I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, I believe this band has struck a nerve here and any fan of blues music will appreciate the debut album from Delta Deep.


Phil Collen: Guitar, Lead Vocals
Robert DeLeo: Bass
Forrest Robinson: Drums
Debbi Blackwell-Cook- Lead Vocals


  1. Bang The Lid
    2. Whiskey
    3. Down In The Delta
    4. Treat Her Like Candy
    5. Miss Me
    6. Burnt Sally
    7. Private Number
    8. Shuffle Sweet
    9. Black Coffee
    10. Feelit
    11. Mistreated