Outside of character counts there are few restrictions on naming your Fantasy Football team.  The only rule is that it should be either funny or clever.  If your team name meets neither of this criteria you should have to forfeit a minimum of three games.  Here are some (Top 10) of the best from 2013.

10. Hernandez Hit Men

I expected more playing off “The Patriot Way”, but this will do.

9.  RG3’s Wedding Registry

Given his rocky start, may be some regrets here.

8.  Cry Me a Rivers

It’s funny, because it’s true.

7.  Peyton Manning’s Mile High Club

Yup, this works.

6.  Motown Megatrons

Given their current state, shouldn’t Detroit just start over and permanently change their name to Motown.  BTW I’m not talking about the football team!

5.  Vince Young’s Steakhouse

I would eat here.

4.  Always Runny in Philadelphia

Clever and works regardless of the outcome.

3.  Favre Dollar Footlong

Taxes, Death, and Bret Favre will never go away!

2.  Dirty Sanchez

Given this may be the last year JET’s QB Mark Sanchez will be in the NFL – best to use it while you can.

And number one… Show Me Your TDs

Simple and Perfect!


David S. Grant is an author of several books and writer for Mancave Playbabes.  For more of David’s writing go to PulpScribbler.com and Twitter: @david_s_grant