When you hear the word diet you may not think Budweiser, vodka, and tequila, but then this isn’t your typical diet book. Written by spandex wearing rocker Luc Carl, “The Drunk Diet”, is a no-nonsense motivational guide to getting your ass off the couch and changing your life.

Famous for being the ex-boyfriend of pop icon, Lady Gaga, Carl has penned a very well written tale that takes the reader through the journey of a life that begins in Nebraska, continues with hard partying in the Lower East Side of New York City, and ends with running a marathon. How do you lose weight while drinking and smoking three packs of cigarettes a day? Carl’s advice is pretty simple really: one step at a time. For Luc Carl, it started with a simple run to a fishing spot, then the challenges just kept coming, eventually his new lifestyle of working out and being healthy (and sexy) became more important than everything else around him.

Warning, this is not a step-by-step guide, instead, an aggressive memoir that doesn’t hold back any punches with liberal use of the word fuck. Still, this book will inspire you to change as Carl changed from an overweight partying bar manager to the self-proclaimed sexiest man in the world.

This book does not cover a long period of his life, but it’s impossible not to see the transformation in Carl’s priorities and his overall enjoyment of life. In addition to his inspirational stories you get his recipes and even playlists to enjoy in your own journey to being sexy again.

In the end, this is more a motivational memoir than a diet book, and it is a great read. For anyone looking to make some changes or want to be entertained then read THE DRUNK DIET!

David S. Grant is the author of “BLOOD: The New Red”, follow on Twitter: @david_s_grant