Mancave Babe Jenny Kohut1


Calgary AB, Canada

Photographer: Steve Dutchenshen

I started modeling while working in the Alberta Oilfield, I did it for “me” it made me feel like a woman again after being in the mans world.. I’ve worked construction my whole life, I’ve always worked hard, I went from being a labour to managing over 200 man crews. I believe in keeping your personal life personal and your work like at work, I never let my modeling career interfere with my work life, it probably would of ruined me as a female in the field I was in!

I modeled for Playboy I was first their Cyber girl in 2008 and then their Employee of the Month in the Magazine in 2009, I’ve had so much fun shooting with some of the photographers over the years that i’v worked with.

I’m so excited for Mancave Playbabes when I first heard about it I was like” I want to be apart of this, I want to be in this magazine” and here I am 🙂 yahhhh!

I’m a huge Rock N Roll fan, it defines the truth to what music should feel like..I want to know what happened to Music today?? Omgosh sorry but its crap!…

Im a single mom of two beautiful boys, they inspire me, influence me, change me, grow me, they are truly my Rock N Roll! I now live for them and my mission is to raise them in a way that they make a positive difference in there generation!

words I love by are “Where you learn and grow is from your failures from your challenges from the stuff thats hard you never learn from the stuff thats easy.”


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