Mancave Babe:  Jessi Chayer

Born: Aug 9 (Leo/Year of the Dog)

In Drumheller, Alberta, Canada location of some many of the largest fossil discoveries in the world.

Live in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Home of The Calgary Stampede.

How I started as a model: Modeling, at least for me, wasn’t to make a statement that said “look at me” but rather was to get over my fear of what everyone thought of me. To teach myself not to let the opinions of others control how I lived my life.

Interests: Travel, Art, Music, Guitar, Concerts and live events, Rollerblading, weight training and cardio, relaxing alone time with those special to me.


1. How would you describe yourself?

A firecracker. A small package wrapped together tightly with vibrant packaging.  Light my fire and that’s when the real magic happens though!

2. What trait do you like most about yourself?

My sense of humor. I can make a truck driver blush.

3. What traits do you dislike most about yourself? 

I ponder too much. Yes I can over-analyze just about anything. I have a true philosopher’s nature.

4. What do you do to stay in shape?

I have a home gym and treadmill. Also love to Rollerblade and play tennis. Normally I just stick close to home to take care of business but I also keep a membership to the gym as well so I may go wherever I am. 


5. What body part (s) do you find sexiest in a man?

A brain. Intelligence is the sexiest muscle you can flex, especially when your brain is still attached to your heart! A nice blend of smarts and understanding. Phycally I like anything I can grab onto; I.e. Nice ass, thick hair, or ahhh errrr. Haha kidding!

6. What do you look for in a guy?

A man who is Independent, accepting.

Passionate, loyal, and fun!

7. What turns you off in a guy?

I generally try to avoid that extremely chiseled, sculpted, man, always fully tanned and covered in tattoos. Call it “profiling” if you want, but those guys seem to spend so much time looking good on the outside to deter anyone from noticing the real person inside.

8. What type of music do you listen to?

Music is an essential part of my life and of permanent influence. Born and raised on classic rock which is still a huge part of me. Zepp, Sabbath, Clapton, etc. jumping into this era though I have many favorites such as Lacuna Coil, Volbeat, HellYeah, Killswitch Engage, Pop Evil, Incura, Age of Days, to name a few. Don’t let that fool you though I have a musical preference for every mood! I am also a very avid fan of our local indie music scene here in Calgary where I live, there is so much undiscovered pure awesomeness here. I highly recommend discovering our local talent such as Danny Nix, Puttin on the Foil, Kingdom of Few, Me Three, Chron Goblin and Zoo Lion, and Venom Rain. You will become a fan of at least a few!


9. What got you into modeling?

An Unhealthy relationship, getting physically picked apart one body part at a time. Getting told I wasn’t good enough for 2 years. Sometimes it takes me awhile, but generally if I think you’re wrong, I’ll go out of my way to prove it in such a manner that might seem over the top to some, but it’s a lesson you won’t normally ever forget!

10. What’s your favorite car?

ANY CAR!? Well since cost is no object how about a MacLaren F1?? Although I have been driving trucks the majority of my life so I’d still have to keep one! Can’t beat a beefy truck!

11. What’s your all-time favorite movie which you would watch again and again and never get tired of?

(FAVOURITES) include Dazed and Confused, Wayne’s World (both), Arthur (the original), and just about any Tarantino flick. Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction, From Dusk till Dawn, and Four Rooms are still my favourites of “Mr. T’s”. haha!

12. What’s your favorite sport?

Beach Volleyball! Let’s get sand in our underpants! Ha!

13. Do you like gaming?

If you do which is your favorite game on PC or Console?

Been a Nintendo girl most of my Life so you know I’m a huge Zelda and Super Mario Bros. fan … I even have a tattoo of Yoshi on my ankle.


14. Do you prefer a traditional romantic dinner date or do you like to hang out with the guy at a bar drinking beer, wings, shooting pool etc.?

As long as plans for a date are mutually agreeable who cares? I like dates to be more casual and fun but don’t feel like chumming around bars either.  A Rock Show? A Symphony? Hell Yeah! Music is always a fail-safe with me!

15. What’s the craziest pick up line you have ever heard?

You have really nice teeth. I’ve heard this one about 3 times.

16. Most unusual place you had sex? Did you like it or regret it?

In a truck while Driving. We are still alive so no regrets!!!

17. If there is a famous model who inspired you, who would that be?

I got into modeling on my own terms and was never really influenced by the industry. However, I must take this opportunity to say Milla  Jovovich is one of the hottest, sexiest, and baddest bitches out there and will come in very handy during a Zombie Apocalypse, yeah baby!


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