My names Kaylea, I’m 22 years old, I was born and raised in Odessa, TX and I’m a very outgoing small town girl. I’ve been doing various modeling and pageants since I was 2 when my mom stuck me in pageants so I’ve grown up loving and living the industry. I tend to be a clown and I feel like a person’s personality adds so much to them that people don’t understand until they meet! I recently really starting pushing towards my dream of modeling because I feel I should definitely be pushing towards my goals and there’s nothing I can’t do if I set my mind to it. I hit the gym weekly and really try to eat healthy and maintain myself because nothing is sexier than a girl at the gym, well, at least I think so. I am very unique I feel I have my own style where I love to be different. I’m ready to see how far the modeling industry can take me! I have all of my family, friends, and supporters to thank and I couldn’t do it without them!!


How do you describe yourself?

I describe myself as very bubby and outgoing. I tend to be a clown. I can make friends with pretty much anyone and I am very down to earth.

What’s your secret to staying healthy and in good shape?

I try to eat healthy which is really hard considering I love my food, so I try to go the gym during week and take the weekends off for myself.


What do you look for in a guy, any turn-offs?

I look for an honest and loving guy who loves me for me and I definitely wouldn’t mind him being buff with some tattoos. A guy who is cocky and tries to show off in front of his friends is a turn-off for me.

What got you into modeling?

When I was 2 my mom put me in pageants and it kinda grew from there and as time went on I grew to love it and live it.


Favorite ride ?

69 Camaro is my favorite car.

What’s your all-time favorite movie which you would watch again and again and never get tired of?

The Notebook because its every girls dream, the guys love it too they just won’t admit it.

Do you prefer a traditional romantic dinner date or do you like to hang out with the guy at a bar drinking beer, wings, shooting pool etc.?

 I like dates that just kinda go with the flow as the night goes on, not really planned but not just another dinner and movie whatever we feel like doing at that moment I like being spontaneous.


What’s the craziest pick up line you have ever heard?

“Pardon me, are you in heat?

16. Most unusual place you had sex? Did you like it or regret it?

Outside in an alley it’s not really unusual but definitely exciting thinking you could get caught.


Any influential personality?

Marilyn Monroe
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