Photographer: Edward Tillman

What a sweetheart! Mancave Babe Rikie, hailing from South Texas is a fierce competitor when it comes to beauty pageants and she promises to leave a mark in the industry as one of the best models out there. Judging from her beauty, we have no doubt she will go very far in her modeling career.

Rikie is a very busy bee but we have managed to get an interview out of her hectic schedule, so let’s wish her luck in her endeavors. Wish you all the best Rikie – from your fans & Mancave Playbabes Magazine!

 1. How would you describe your personality?

 “I would describe myself as a very easy going, laid – back person.”

 2. What is one trait you like about yourself?

 “I’ve always been very sociable. I never have trouble when it comes to meeting new people.”

 3.What is one trait you dislike about yourself?

 “I’m a perfectionists, so I’m constantly hard on myself.”

 4. What do you do to keep in shape?

 “I’m a boxer so I’m always sparring at the gym. It’s a great stress reliever and good cardio workout.”


5. What body part do you find most sexy on a man?

 “I find a man with nice lips to be extremely sexy. Also a good smile to catch my attention.”

 6. What do you look for in a guy?

 “If you can make me laugh, you instantly have my heart. A sense of humor is a must have.”

 7. What turns you off in a guy?

 “In this industry it’s crucial to stay humble and modest. So to me seeing a man with a big ego is never attractive.”

 8. What kind of music do you listen to?

 “I’m a music junkie; I’m open to all genres but can’t stand country music. Right now I’m stuck on Rap/Hip Hop Music.”


9. What got you into modeling?

 “I competed in teen beauty pageants when I was younger, so after competing for my first title; more doors were opened into modeling.”

 10. What is your favorite car?

 “I’ve always been an America muscle girl, so any old school muscle car does it for me.”

 11. What’s your all-time favorite movie?

 “I saw Jennifer’s Body with Megan Fox, and instantly fell in love. imp a huge horror movie fan, so adding Megan’s crazy sex appeal just put the icing on the cake.”

 12. What’s your all-time favorite sports?

 “I grew up as a tomboy so I’ve always been involved and interested in Motocross.”


13. Gaming? PC or Console?

 “I’m somewhat a gamer girl, when I have time to pick up a controller, I’ll play a few rounds of Call Of Duty; even sometimes play World of Warcraft when I’m on my laptop.”

 14. Romantic Dinner. vs. Bar & Beer?

 “I think every woman needs a little romance in her life, but I’m always up to just kick back and have a couple of brews at the bar no matter what.”

 15. Craziest Pick up line you’ve ever heard?

 “I’ve heard a few ridiculous ones in the past, but I usually just laugh because of how corny some guys can get.”


 16. What are your plans for the future?

 “I really want to focus on accomplishing the goals I have set for myself and really want to pursue them and I think once I’ve gotten there I’d like to start traveling the world cuz that’s something I’ve always wanted to do.”

 17. What famous model inspired your modeling career?

 “Miranda Kerr without a doubt.”



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