Any company can make a case for your smartphone or tablet — who cares? The cases we like do more than just “protect” from accidental drops or being sat on when left on the couch. Innovation ain’t dead — you just got to look for it. Which we’ve done for you.

Opena iPhone 4 Case

It’s a case for your new iPhone, but that’s not all. Besides polycarbonate white or black construction for protection against your grip faltering, it provides a grip of its own. One that keeps your hands from bleeding all over that bottle cap you thought was a twist-top. Just slide the stainless steel bottle opener out and not only wow the crowd but reward yourself with access to a cold one.

Otterbox Realtree MAX-1 Camouflage iPhone Case

Sure it’s water resistant and proof against dust — not to mention silicon soothing the phone from drops, bumps and unexpected shocks — but check out the silicon plugs over the ports and the holster-style swivel that doubles as a viewing stand. But when you add in the camouflage pattern, you bring nature into the fold.

Annex Products Quad Lock

Not just a slim covering for an iPhone, it’s a mounting system for attaching to pretty much any surface for safety and stability while you’re doing stuff. Like cycling, for instance. Just snap it onto one of the mounts you’ve already locked into position. Use it in the car or at home just as easily.

Otterbox Blackberry Curve 8500/9300 Reflex Series Case

Snap on the case and let a cushion of air help protect against damage — sort of like the way the “crumple zone” of a car takes on a thump and rebounds back to its original shape. And it doesn’t mean you’re carrying a bulky ‘Berry either.

G-Form Extreme Portfolio

Think a notebook case with a built-in adjustable easel stand and interior pocket. Add a zipper that reverses the shape so that it becomes a fully enclosed tablet protector. Reinforce the corners and watch the energy-absorbing material go from soft to rigid for armor-like protection the moment there’s an impact.

ThinkGeek GoPano 360-Degree Camera for iPhone

It’s not the Wizard of Oz who sees all anymore — pop this case on an iPhone and your camera goes beyond Fisheye right up there to OMG. Run the app and you’re shooting a 360 degree view of EVERYTHING. It’s panorama gone wild.

X-Doria Campfire iPad 2

Why shouldn’t your iPad sleep as comfortably as you do? Especially when on a trip. Put this case on and you not only have a comfy pillow to balance against yourself while screen tapping, but a quick reversal and pull of the drawstrings turns it into a protective “sleeping bag” for tablet safety.

Limited Luxury Cases for Nook and Kindle

You got a tablet and it craves love — mostly it craves against being caved in by a fast trip to the sidewalk. Limited doesn’t just give you a wrapper — even if to your eyes, you’re seeing eco-friendly recycled wood or other recycled stuff blended with  graphic designs. Your tablet knows better, because there’s versions using composite materials like Kevlar, Carbon and Glass Fiber for barrier protection.

Detached JuiceTank

Take an iPhone case and build in an AC charger so it plugs right in when power is needed. Okay, you can plug in a USB cable instead — but why bother carrying one around hoping to find a socket. Where CAN’T you find an AC outlet?

Hub Innovations REV360

Put this case on your iPad and instead of you spinning around trying to orient the screen, let the rotating disc do it for you. Think “Lazy Susan” only you’re lazier. Built-in stand and the flexible silicon enclosure comes in assorted colors.

Annex Playa Case

Protecting your iPhone is just half the problem — where do you keep your “personal” stuff playa?In the slide out compartment, is where? Thin may be in but here’s where you know what goes when that telltale “ring” doesn’t’ need to show in your wallet.

Optrix HD Sport Mount

Turn that iPhone 4/4S or iPod touch into an action vidcam — the military grade materials in the Optrix provide weather and impact-resistant protection for shooting “Jackass” stunts that otherwise could end up with it (and you) resembling so much mulch. Use one of the mounts it comes with on your snowboard, skateboard, bike, what-have-you.