Four weeks into the season it’s time to take a look at some of the winners and losers in Fantasy Football.  This week it’s all about the Quarterbacks, Running Backs, and Wide Receivers.  Here are some of the surprises and goats of the 2012 NFL season.



Matt Ryan (Atlanta Falcons)

Confident.  Poised.  Accurate.  (Also a ton of Fantasy points.)  What else could you possibly want from your starting QB?  An undefeated record?  I guess; however, we here in Fantasy land don’t necessarily care about team goals.

Drew Brees (New Orleans Saints)

Despite “Bounty Gate” and off-season contract drama Brees continues to put up big numbers.  A big sigh from those that used a top five pick to snag the semi-aging gun slinger.

Robert Griffin III (Washington Redskins)

Four rushing touchdowns through four games!  For the math challenged: RGIII is on pace to rush for 16 TDs this season!

Ryan Tannehill (Miami Dolphins)

You used your early round picks on WR and RB and ended up settling for Ryan Tannehill in the mid to late rounds.  Pretend that was the play all along – you look like a genius!


Aaron Rogers (Green Bay Packers)

Sixteen sacks tell the story of this slow start from the number one pick in many drafts this year.

Jay Cutler (Chicago Bears)

Up and down – this should be the title of Cutler’s autobiography.



Percy Harvin (Minnesota Vikings)

A true triple threat: Receiving/Rushing/Returning

A.J. Green (Cincinnati Bengals)

Anyone else expect some regression from last year?  Uh, me neither, great season so far for A.J.


Calvin Johnson (Detroit Lions)

Through four games only 1 TD for Megatron.  Let me repeat that: Through four games only 1 TD for Megatron.

Larry Fitzgerald (Arizona Cardinals)

Through four games only 2 TDs for Fitzgerald.  Not that he cares; the Arizona Cardinals are 4-1.  Yes, we here in Fantasy land aren’t suppose to care, but THE ARIZONA CARDINALS ARE 4-1!



Arian Foster (Houston Texans)

With 380 yards so far, Foster is positioning himself as a top candidate for offensive player of the year…not too mention MANY fantasy points week to week.

Darren Sproles (New Orleans Saints)

Despite a key fumble last week, Sproles is another triple threat that can score points anytime the Saints defense is not involve.


Chris Johnson (Tennessee Titans)

Was week four a return to the norm?  Check out the stats for the first three weeks.  Brutal.

LeSean McCoy (Philadelphia Eagles)

Strange one.  Statistically both McCoy and Michael Vick are struggling behind a noticeably shaky offensive line…yet the team is 3-1.  I guess my point is don’t expect any big shake ups – and expect more of the same.


David S. Grant is the author of “Blood: The New Red”, Follow David on Twitter @david_s_grant

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