Believe it or not we are already three weeks into the NFL season.  Referee nightmares aside, has everything been turned upside down?  This week a look at the surprises, disappointments, and question mark so far this season.


Houston Texans (3-0)

Every year Matt Schaub puts up numbers, but never gets recognition.  Well, not only is Schaub and the offense playing well, but Houston has their defense more focused than previous years.  After years of disappointment is this the year Houston finally puts it together?

Arizona Cardinals (3-0)

Kevin Kolb is undefeated, including a win over Michael Vick and the Philadelphia Eagles.  Let me say this again.  Kevin Kolb is undefeated, including a win over Michael Vick and the Philadelphia Eagles.  Prediction – Either this doesn’t last or I’m starting to fear the Mayan calendar.

The Atlanta Falcons (3-0)

This is not really a surprise.  The surprise will be if they can carry their early momentum into late season and the post season.  Right now the Falcons look like favorites to win the South.


Philadelphia Eagles (2-1)

They have a winning record, but Michael Vick and the running game is non-existent.  Something isn’t right.  Andy Reid will need to act fast because we’ve seen how bad chemistry affects the Eagles.  Let’s hope it doesn’t spread to their fans, now THAT would be scary!

New Orleans Saints (0-3)

Drew Brees and company were suppose to have a chip on their shoulder over Bounty Gate.  I guess it does matter who is on the sidelines.  Anyone think it would be a good idea to tank this year and get the number one draft pick?  Okay, anyone outside of New Orleans think this is a good idea?

New York Jets (2-1)

Again, another winning record, but this team is going nowhere fast if they don’t solve their offensive woes and secondary issues.  Only the devil bet against Tim Tebow to not find the end zone the first three weeks of the season.


Green Bay Packers (1-2)

The offense is sputtering and for some reason karma (a.k.a. the NFL) is clearly against them.  Aaron Rogers will need to figure it out fast.  The North is no longer a cake walk with the Vikings playing well and the other teams (Bears, Lions) legitimate week to week threats.

Dallas Cowboys (2-1)

If you believe defense wins Super Bowls then you have no problem with the Cowboys season up to this point.  If you believe balance between a solid offense and defense wins Super Bowls, well then, you are probably not too impressed with Jerry Jones squad right now.

New England Patriots (1-2)

This is the first time the Pats have been under .500 since 2003.  Is the reign finally over?  Maybe, but probably not.  They have also been on the wrong side of some bad calls.  Expect them to come back and dominate in what appears to be a weak year for their division.

David S. Grant is the author of “Blood: The New Red”, follow David on Twitter: @david_s_grant