So you want a portable speaker that fits in your hand but blows out sound like a trumpet on overdrive. And it has to have Bluetooth because no way are you attaching any wires to your or anybody’s phone to hear a playlist. Scarface said it best when he wanted everyone introduced to his “little friend.” He just didn’t know he should have been talking about the foxLv2 Bluetooth. Or that a loudspeaker doesn’t need to be big to be loud.

The Fox is heavy like a lead ingot snugly gripped in one hand. All aluminum and tightly weaved with a glass-filled dome enclosure. Inside you’ll find  two stereo speakers facing front. Soundmatters calls them “twoofers” because the 1-inch linear magnetic drive controls audio like high-end speakers do. You knew that. But turn it around and the back panel flips to do more than just give it a built-in stand. It lets bass boom all out of proportion to the size. That’s the BassBattery Woofer handling things like an acoustic suspension bass driver.

So maybe we should check those specs: 80Hz-20kHz audio range. Impressive.  Pretty good for a rechargeable and no, it’s not USB — plug it into the AC socket like regular to juice it for up to 20 hours of use. The charger works internationally, in case your next road trip takes you out of the country.

Yeah there’s an input for a mini-jack if Bluetooth ain’t your thing. But the point is that this Fox really knows how to get loud. So make sure you let it. And that goes double if you use it to answer a call — there’s an internal mike so going speakerphone is easy since echo and noise-reduction is built in.

Soundmatters wants $249 retail, but on the street you’ll most likely be paying $200. And for sure it’ll work with Android or iPhones or anybody’s tablets so doesn’t matter what you’re carrying. All that matters is how overpowering the audio being put out by the foxLv2 Bluetooth is.