While it may not be summer just yet, the days are continuing to get warmer and longer. And if you’re like most guys, this means it’s time to start preparing for the season – by grilling, considering wearing sandals once again, and finding a summer drink that doesn’t come with a pink umbrella. Even though those sissy drink may taste delicious, what woman is going to take you seriously when you have a Maraschino-lined, 14-syllable drink in your hand? (And if it’s really that wonderful, drink them at home or mix and pour into a non-glass cup for a stealthy alternative.)

Drink Like a Man … Without Ordering a Scotch on the Rocks

Other than the cartoon-y labels, there’s nothing unmanly about drinking lemonade or iced tea. Consider cooling down with a cocktail based on one of these two summer staples.

Summer Beer: Mix a package of frozen lemonade, 12 oz. water, 12 oz. vodka, and two 12 oz. beer cans. Pour over ice or mix in a blender. This summer drink provides a refreshing take on beer with just enough fruit flavor.

Iced Tea Vodka: Mix this beverage in any number of ways for an alcoholic twist on an old favorite (without the extreme side effects of a Long Island). Drink on the rocks, or add sweetened alternatives, such as Sprite or an Energy drink to tone down the liquor and add layers of flavor.

Other summer classics are hard to beat.

Margaritas: Classic summer go-to drink. And if it’ll make you feel more manly, order an extra shot of tequila.

Mint Julep: Combine approx. 2 oz. whiskey or bourbon with four mint leaves and 1 Tbsp. powdered sugar. Shake over ice and enjoy.

Who says drinking like a man has to taste like paint thinner? Even in the heat, these super manly and delicious drinks can help you keep your cool.

Picture courtesy of imcountingufoz.