The release of the latest “Grand Theft Auto” has been hyped to be more than just “next” in a series.  It was promoted as an epic event with much promise.  The verdict?  Outstanding.  It will be a long time before another game comes close to having the success of “Grand Theft Auto V.”

With sales surpassing $1 billion in the first three days, Rockstar Games has outpaced any other video game, film or entertainment project ever released.  So, how did this happen?

For starters there are now three narratives versus just one.  Each has their own life story of crime, corruption, and motive.  The motive is usually motivated by trying to right a wrong by executing another wrong (EXECUTING is the key word here).  There is a lot of banter and scenes that escalate into something more from ‘Reservoir Dogs’ than a video game.  Don’t worry, you can still cruise around and cause havoc as you wish on your own, it’s just that the narratives are more compelling than in the past.

From a controls standpoint, driving feels more real and the same can be said for shooting.  In addition to the narratives or “go on your own” modes you can also plan ‘Heat’ type heists complete with putting together a team for your caper.  You are in charge of the planning, the escape, and timing.  Just don’t point fingers if you get busted!

I was surprised: “Grand Theft Auto V” surpasses the months of hype and unrealistic expectations.  Simply put, Rockstar Games has done it again, creating one of the greatest games released since breaking through with “Grand Theft Auto III.”


David S. Grant is an author of several books and writer for Mancave Playbabes.  For more of David’s writing go to and Twitter: @david_s_grant