For everyone who has forgotten a birthday or special anniversary (trust me, women do it too), you know how important it is to keep track of the calendar. No matter how many times you may write down reminders or leave special marks within each square, there always seems to be a date or two that slips through the cracks, causing embarrassment, hurt feelings, or even a fight. But thanks to the constant crutch that technology allows, there’s plenty of room for forgetfulness. Who needs to remember dates when their computer can do the work?

Simply by setting a few safety checks, you can go on living your life worry-free, knowing electronics will be there to back you up. And if you’re really forgetful (like running-errands-and-forgetting –where-you’re-driving forgetful), the more reminders that can be put into place.

First things first, long term, put dates into a Google calendar. Set aside about 15 minutes of your time and input all important dates for the year. Then, a day or two (or whenever you ask to be notified), you’ll get an email reminder. For those with a smartphone, put a few dates in there as well. With voice-activated applications, like Siri, technology has taken almost all of the work out of being organized. And of course, there’s always the actual calendar – the one that is printed on real paper and hanging in the kitchen.

With just a few easy steps, you’re on your way to boyfriend or husband of the year. You’ll be buying flowers, pre-ordering tickets, and setting reservations. And all it took was about 15 minutes of your time. Who knew being a model male companion was such a simple task?


Photo courtesy of Joe Lanman