Blink and we’ll already by a quarter the way though the 2012-13 NBA regular season.  Let’s take a look at some winners and losers so far.

WINNERS: The Heat for splurging on Ray Allen who will contend for sixth man of the year.  I predict Allen still has enough in the tank for a few Jesus Shuttleworth dunks come playoff time.

LOSERS: The Celtics for letting Allen walk and then bringing in Jason Terry, “the poor man’s Ray Allen.”

LOSERS: The Milwaukee Bucks when Ersan Ilysova is starting.

WINNERS: The Milwaukee Bucks when Ersan Ilysova comes off the bench.

WINNERS: Phil Jackson bashers who got to watch him get punk’d by the Lakers.

LOSERS: The Lakers assembly of high-priced players; standing around and watching Kobe Bryant continue to put up 20+ shots per game.

WINNERS: James Harden and the Houston Rockets, he may not get a ring in the next couple of years, but nothing is guaranteed.  Current ring count: James Harden 0, Kevin Durant 0.

WINNERS: The Oklahoma City Thunder getting along just fine with Kevin Martin playing the role of James Harden.

WINNERS: The Memphis Grizzlies and the giant chip on their shoulder.

LOSERS: The NBA writers and bloggers who predicted the demise of the Memphis Grizzlies.

LOSERS: The Dallas Mavericks for not resigning Tyson Chandler.  Sure, it’s been two years, but this one still hurts each time you watch them play.

WINNERS: Mark Cuban for his work on ‘Shark Tank.’

LOSERS: The Philadelphia 76ers and their one year rental of Andrew Bynum who does not have a timeline for his return.

WINNERS: Andrew Bynum’s hair-do.  Good stuff!

WINNERS: The Brooklyn Nets uniforms

LOSERS: The “Nets” bandwagon fans who pretend they supported the team in New Jersey.

WINNERS: The New York Knicks!

LOSERS: Amar’e bashers – NEWS FLASH: Stoudemire being inactive is not the reason for their success.

WINNERS: Vinny Del Negro (still currently employed at time of writing).

WINNERS: The Minnesota Timberwolves with the return of Kevin Love.

LOSERS: The Indiana Pacers tumbling after the loss of Danny Granger.

LOSERS: The Washington Wizards horrendous start.

WINNERS: The Charlotte Bobcats two over .500 after 12 games.  Executive of the year: Michael Jordan?

LOSERS: NBA writers and bloggers campaigning for Michael Jordan as Executive of the year.